2016 UK International Jewish Film Festival – Calendar

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We have an incredible selection of films for you this year – don’t miss out!


The Green Park

The Green Park Hotel opened its doors in 1943 and for over forty years was a key hub of Anglo Jewish life. This lively and warm-hearted film delves into the Anglo Jewish community, examining how it developed and flourished in the 20th century.

25 – 29 September, JW3


Little Men

Celebrated director Ira Sachs is back with this hidden gem.

Tony and Jake’s close friendship is in jeopardy after their respective parents fall out over business. When Brian and Kathy move to the Brooklyn house they inherit after the death of Brian’s father, they realise that Leonor, the immigrant seamstress who rents the ground floor shop, pays only a fifth of the market rate in this rapidly gentrifying area of New York. Instead of siding with their parents, Tony and Jake present a unified front, defying the ugliness and pettiness of the adult world.

5 – 6 October, JW3



Based on the captivating story of “Operation Anthropoid”, the Czechoslovakian mission to assassinate top-ranking Nazi General Reynhard Heydrich, Anthropoid follows Josef (Cillian Murphy) and Jan (Jamie Dornan), two Czech and Slovak partisans who are airlifted into their occupied homeland in December 1941. With limited intelligence and the meagre equipment available to them during a city-wide lockdown, the two men must find a way to assassinate Heydrich before it is too late.

9 -13 October, JW3

UKJF in Glasgow

Labyrinth of Lies

Winner of multiple awards, this is an extraordinary debut feature, based on the landmark investigations that led to the Frankfurt Auschwitz trials.

Sunday 9 October, CCA Glasgow

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